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You want to contribute to our newsletter? You have come to the write place.

Newsletter generation

Our newsletter is not sent out by hand, but more or less automatically. We use Trello to manage the different sections, and then a script puts them all together and sends it out as a nice email.

The newsletter is actually send out twice, once as a preview, every Sunday at 20:00, currently to If there are enough people working on it, it might make sense to put this on a separate mailinglist.

Then it is finally sent out at 23:42, to the discuss Mailinglist, so everyone can read it

Adding content

Trello Board (if you don't have access, get yourself a trello account, and David or Severin about it, they can authorize your user to the board)

Newsletter content is managed within the Trello board shown above. We do one newsletter a week, and each one has its own list of cards. The list has to be called <year, e.g. 2018>-<calendar week, e.g. 42>, with the calendar week being the one of the current week (the one ending right on that Sunday, yes, Sunday is our end of the week for this). If the list for this week does not exist yet, simply create it.

Each section of the newletter (each block started with a * ) corresponds to one trello card, with the title of the card being the headline of the section, and the description of the card being the text afterwards. Simply add a new card to the list, and add some content to the description of the card. You can also copy cards from other week's newsletters.

Side notes:

  • The newsletter is sent as text-only, so HTML tags will not do much in the newsletter, other than look weird.
  • If a list contains no items, or contains items without a description, the newsletter is very likely not being sent out.

Some Text Blocks

There are some reoccurring themes in the newsletter for regular events, that can easily be reused:


If there was a plenum this week

We had a plenum this week. Find the notes at <Link to this plenum's notes page in the wiki>. Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to <NAME> for heading the plenum, and <NAME> for writing the meeting minutes.

Cleanup & Plenum

If a cleanup&plenum is happening next week

It's that fourth weekend of the month again, so we're having our monthly cleanup session. Join us on Sunday at 11am for making the space nice and clean, and then have another Plenum right afterwards. Looking forward to see you there.

TheThingsNetwork Munich Meetup

Currently the only regular and public non-thursday-meetup at the space, but this is just as applicable to other meetups as well

Our local The Thignsnetwork group is meeting again on Monday, which is probably today! So if you are interested in IoT and building networks and sensors and other fun things, join us at the space: <LINK to the meetup page>

Regular Topics

Project of the week

Started this in CW42 2018. Basically pick a project that received a lot of love the past week, ideally with a wiki page, or a post on our tumblr or whatever, and write a short paragraph about it, and linking to the page in question. Also that can then later be posted out to any of our Social Media outlets the day afterwards.

An Example:

* Project of the Week: DSLRpi
We're starting a new thing to show off the great things people are
making at the space: The Project of the Week. This week: the DSLRpi.
German built a webcam based on a DSLR and a RaspberryPi, to bring high
quality pictures of a vineyard in Franconia on the internet. Check it
out in our wiki:

Upcoming Events

If there are any workshops in the space, or events that we go to as a group (e.g. Streetlife Festival, Make Munich, etc.)