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  • SSID: "munichmakerlab" or "munichmakerlab-5g"
  • Security: WPA2 Personal. Preshared Key is written on the whiteboard.
  • Mode: 802.11gn. No 802.11b. If you really really need to connect a 11Mbit/s only device, please talk to tiefpunkt


2 LANCOM L-320agn Wireless Access Points [1], both manually configured (no WiFi controller)

  • mumawireless01
    • SSID "munichmakerlab"
    • 2.4 Ghz
    • Channel 1
  • mumawireless02
    • SSID "munichmakerlab" and "munichmakerlab-5g"
    • 5Ghz
    • Channel 108

Network Segment

  • Subnetmask:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS-Server:
  • DHCP-Server:

Allocated IP Addresses

IP Address Name Description Router Router ns1 DNS server (running on the docker01 host) DHCP Range FritzBox VoIP Gateway (FritzBox 5050) NyanPrint Color Laser Printer OctoPrint NEO 1 OctoPrint NEO OctoPrint NEO 2 NEO OctoPrint X350 X350 tokyo.local LED-Panel eth0 tokyo.local LED-Panel wlan0 - x32 Mixer heimdal Door Lock RPi PiPunkt Space Status RPi buffalo Fileserver (hawking's old IP address) hawking Fileserver (deactivated) docker01 Docker Host LaserCutPC LaserCutter Terminal Server ... backup Backup operator ewindow Virtual Machines

Not moved to new subnets yet wifi WiFi Connection X350 3D Printer

Getting a fixed IP address

If you need a fixed IP address, choose one that's not taken yet, and enter it in the table above. Done. There's currently no dedicated DNS, we'll tackle that eventually.


We got native IPv6 \o/ IPv6 is broken, unfortunately. There is IPv6 on the Freifunk WiFi, if you really need it.


DNS is provided by a docker bind image (


When setting up a new machine for the space, the machine should be named after a famous scientist or mathematician whose birthday is today or near today. Use the following list to avoid already used hostnames:

Used hostnames

Hostname Device Type Location
Doppler PC Workplace 2
Darwin PC Workplace 1
Heisenberg PC Spacemonitor near the entrance


We are connected to the internet via a Telekom V-DSL connection.


You can connect to the lab remotely, via OpenVPN. If you need access, contact JanS.