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  • SSID: "munichmakerlab" (supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Security: WPA2 Personal. Preshared Key is written on the whiteboard.
  • Mode: 802.11gn. No 802.11b. If you really really need to connect a 11Mbit/s only device, please talk to tiefpunkt


Currently rolling a Ubiquiti setup with USG, CloudKey, 24-Port US-24 Switch and one UAC-PRO access point. Infrastructure is centrally managed up to the access switch (ground level switches) which all terminate the MuMaLab Network.

"Space Main" Network Segment

  • Subnetmask: (/16)
  • Gateway:
  • DNS-Server:
  • DNS-Server2:
  • DHCP-Server:

IP Address Space

  • Space-Stuff (space owned or used stuff): -
  • User-Stuff static IP: -
  • User-DHCP: - (lease time 1 week)

Getting a fixed IP address

If you need a fixed IP address, choose one that's not taken in the appropriate range and enter it in the table below.

Allocated IP Addresses

IP Address Name Description Router Router ns1 DNS server (running on the docker01 host) DHCP Range NyanPrint Color Laser Printer NyanerPrint HP Color LaserJet cm2320fxi MFP OctoPrint NEO 1 Neo1 http://neo1.local/ OctoPrint X400 x400 OctoPrint Zonestar Z5 Zonestar Z5 vertexdelta OctoPrint Vertex Delta Ultimaker Ultimaker "Ulrich" Unlimited Z OctoPrint X350 X350 http://x350.local/ heimdal Door Lock RPi docker01 Docker Host Lasercutter LaserCutter LaserCutPC LaserCutter cutmysignintopieces Plotter MuMaShare MuMaShare Wasserschaden Paul (bridge to the mesh) germanpi A very German Pi MuMaMox Chris' ProxMoxBox

Dead Hosts

IP Address Name Description FritzBox VoIP Gateway (FritzBox 5050) Alter OctoPrint Server OctoPrint OctoPrint NEO 2 Neo2 http://neo2.local/ OctoPrint X400 X400 http://x400.local/ tokyo.local LED-Panel eth0 tokyo.local LED-Panel wlan0 - x32 Mixer buffalo Fileserver (hawking's old IP address) Terminal Server ... backup Backup operator StyroporPI Foam_cutter raspi controlling the foam cutter Startt an octoprint server PiPunkt Space Status RPi hawking Fileserver (deactivated) ewindow Virtual Machines


We got native IPv6 \o/ IPv6 is broken, unfortunately. There is IPv6 on the Freifunk WiFi, if you really need it.


DNS is provided by a docker bind image (


Should make sense.


We are connected to the internet via a Telekom V-DSL connection. Speed is usually 100 mbit down, 40 up.


You can connect to the lab remotely, via OpenVPN. If you need access, contact JanS.