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Here you can find all open and completed polls with their results

Open Polls

Poll deadline Loomio Link
New Storage Solution for the Pit 07.05.2023 8PM link

Closed Polls

Poll Result Loomio Link
New Loomio Poll: 37 Euronorm boxes - to keep the space organized and stuff clean Approved link
3D printer: Artillery Sidewinder X1 Approved link
New 3D printer with larger build volume (model choice) Artillery Sidewinder X1 link
New MIG welder: STAHLWERK MIG 200 ST IGBT Approved link
"Future of the Lab" workshop Approved link
Digital Archive of Holzwerken Approved link
Belt Sander Approved link
Upgrade CNC mill (increase stability to precisely mill aluminum) Approved link
New, more silent & powerful compressor for the workshop Approved link
Material for modifying the workbench Approved link