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Wat kind of node options are out there?

Arduino shields

Stuff you can put right onto your Arduino and make it talk LoRaWAN

Complete boards

A complete combination of LoRaWAN radio and microcontroller, straight from the shelf.

  const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = {
    .nss = 18,
    .rxtx = LMIC_UNUSED_PIN,
    .rst = 14,
    .dio = {26, 33, 32},

Simple Dev Boards

LoRaWAN Testers

Our Nodes

Some of the nodes we build at the lab

Test Unit One

Built by Severin

  • Arduino Uno
  • Dragino LoRa shield
  • GPS module

ProMini Node

ProMini Node in case
  • The TTN Amsterdam node, in a small power distribution box, with I2C sensor (BME/P 280)
  • Built as part of our first LoRa workshop
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries, which also fit inside the case

Ideas for Sensors & Nodes

Traffic counter

Count cars on a road. (Maybe also bikes on bike lanes?)

Weather & Air Quality Monitoring

Others, no futher details yet

  • Weather station (Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure)
  • Water temperature (lake, garden pond)
  • Water level (cistern, garden pond, river)
  • PIR sensor for movement (garage, selfstorage, ...)
    • Also Door openings
  • Offgrid solar monitoring
  • Postbox status -> "You got mail!"
  • Garden/Plant monitoring
  • NOx