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Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description we need new rooms and fast!

We have to leave the Siemenswerke by February so let's for a bigger, better, and more awesome space!!!


  • >100m² only for us or >140m² with the HuS
  • Current rent is ~ 12€/m² (warm). New rent shouldn't be higher, we also need to pay for electricity probably, which we don't do now.
  • accessible for every member 24/7
  • Easily reachable via public transportation

Requirements For Room Planning

  • Storage place for 30 boxes drinks + 6 empty boxes for empty bottles
  • Dirty Room Wall for the Plate for CNC , wall with 2,6m ( around 1,6m high ) 30cm deep for the future big mill ( will be for folding down so place in front should be empty to be used if needed),maybe seperate the Drilling Maschie to get more 2 spaces for manual working ( or one much bigger one) wall for toolswall , option for bandsaw ( 1x1m )

Possible locations


Due to the Pasing Arcaden, a lot of shops had to leave the area. It's a bit far of, but there are lots of S-Bahn, Buses and a Tram going there, so it's about as easy to reach than the Siemenswerke.


Kunstpark Ost

Back to the roots! The Werkbox³ is still there, and Werk 3 has opened.



Cool part of the city, some office space there. Not sure if it's not to expensive by now



Kulturzentrum GOROD

The Kulturzentrum GOROD near Harras has a 130m² room for classes, as well as quite a large basement. They are thinking about renting out the class room, but the basement would be much cheaper (~5€/m² cold). There is a section that should be about 120m², with quite high ceilings, that would be ideal. Severin went there on Dec 3rd, and got a look at it. There are two freight elevators down into the basement, one of which has a proper truck dock. It's a bit cold down there, so heating costs might be a bit higher, and there's no daylight -> no windows. The people from the Kulturzentrum would be interested in a cooperation with us, since they also have quite a few youth groups from Ukraine and Russia visiting them.

Things to discuss with them still:

  • Access during odd hours
  • Exact size of the section, + possible expansions
  • Available power
  • Ventilation
  • Water?
  • Heating
  • How fast we could move in
  • Space for HuS?


Martin was in discussion with people there. Not sure what the current status of that is. There could be a very cool option!!! I'll show you everything on sunday! --Martin


everywhere else



We haven't publicly announced (e.g. on social media) that we're searching for new rooms. The idea was to start a fundraising campaign alongside our search, to make the financial burden of moving a little easier on us. Any help on setting this up is very much appreciated.