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Some stuff needs to be backed up in our space infrastructure


  • Virtual machine on vmhost01
  • Runs rsnapshot on daily and weekly schedules
  • Backup target is mounted via NFS from hawking fileserver


What get's backed up?


Hostname Directory Reason
heimdal Doorlock RasPi
/home/pi/doorlock Contains doorlock backend, incl. sqlite db
octoprint Octoprint host
/home/mumalab contains all octoprint instances


Hostname Directory Reason
coreos10 Docker Host
- Script - Backup DB from Zabbix DB container
/srv Contains Container Data Voumes and Backup of Zabbix DB
 /var/lib/coreos-install cloud-config


Hostname Directory Reason VPS 01
/etc Configuration
/root Letsencrypt Client and some other stuff (?)
/var/lib/mailman Mailing Lists
/var/www Webserver contents VPS 02
- Script - Backup Mysql DB
/etc Configuration
/root Letsencrypt Client and some other stuff (?)
/var/www Webserver contents