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We do not have this device on-site anymore.

We got a 2 Channel Scope ([1]) as permanent loan from Rohde & Schwarz.

Responsible User

Jorgen is working at Rohde & Schwarz and is responsible for the scope.

If you have questions you can also ask Severin

Using Rules

As you know, the device is just borrowed, it is really important that no one is allowed to modify the device in any way.

Please just use it as it is. If there is a new firmware, Jorgen will do the update an Alignment.

You are familiar with scopes

  • use it on the workspace and do not move it out from its place
  • if you have good scenarios for measurements, please share your knowledge and add them to Instruction section.

You are new with scope

  • Please do not use the Scope by your own without any instructions
  • ask Jorgen ot Severin or someone who is already working with the scope


The scope has a lot of SW options activated for us. We can use f.e. logic analysis and FFT sweeps from inside the scope. This section will be filled from time to time with the most important measurements and step by step description of how to use it.

Logic Analyzer








How to use example (see Instruction...t.b.d.)


Maybe it is good make a kind of workshop or teaching for some members.

Or we can fill in here some typical scenarios, to help other do their measurements.

Feedback & Issues

R&S is also really happy for every feedback we can give them to improve their Scopes:

  • create wish-list
  • write down all measurements which are not intuitive
  • write down bugs, ...

==> This could be a good feedback for R&S which helps us to extend the borrow-deal.