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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "Pallet Furniture" might be out of date.

We have some pallets left from the move, let'smake the Space cozier and build some pallet furniture.

A bench of the size of one pallet (120x80) needs three pallets, two for the bottom, one for the back. We put casters (metal rolls) underneath so that we can move them around. With a few screws and metal angels, it will hold together. Cost probably not more than 20 EUR.

To make them comfortable, we need cushions. One to sit on and for the back. This is the most expensive part of the furniture. There are ready-mades on Amazon and eBay, they cost around 90 EURs (with foam of 25RG, which is the minimum), if we do them ourselves, we can buy foam of 35RG (it is more solid than the 25RG), fabric and sew them on our own. Probably the same costs, maybe better quality

For two of those benches, we need six of the pallets. Costs for material and cushions is then around 200 EUR. Maybe someone has cushions at home he no longer needs (without animals inside!) then we can reduce the costs.