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We'll have a booth at Make Munich 2016. Let's figure out how to make it awesome.

Details on the faire

Free tickets for volunteers

No money to buy a ticket? Or just a cheap skate? Don't worry, just volunteers at least four hours of your time to help out at the faire, and you'll get in for free. Send an email to, with your mobile number, and the make munich team will find something for you to do.

Our Booth

Floor plan

We're in the FabLab area (named as Mumaland)

Jörg is not longer in the 3D print area - we try to have him and all his stuff on our booth. Severin and Jorgen are try to clear the space for our booth.

Members on our booth

  • Cecile
  • Jörg
  • Heiko
  • Jorgen
  • Jan
  • Severin
  • Peter
  • Theo
  • Thomas (ThomasE)
  • Adrian
  • Paul


What projects etc should be bring?


  • Fabscan

Jorgen & Heiko & Jörg

  • VoteBox
  • NotifyBox
  • LED Panel
  • LED MakerBeamCube
  • LED Ring Clock
  • Word Clock


  • SNES DJ Controller
  • Arduino RC Car
  • Audioshelf (?)


  • Algenreaktor?


  • Bitcoin Miner
  • Leather stuff (?)
  • Nerf Tank


  • Obi Wan Laserschwert
  • Akku Pack Shoe (if it's done)


  • Cocktailrobot (hopefully working)

What to bring?

  • All the stuff above!
  • Some printed Logos
  • Sheets, so the tables look nicer
  • Print giveaways with the ultimakers? Like a whistle with our name on it?
  • Lasercut giveaways (for donations)?
  • Branded Tshirt ? Or at least Buttons??

Donation Stuff

  • Jörg, Heiko and Jorgen are building a big and fancy new donation box
    • red acrylic
    • lights
    • money detection (paper and coin)
    • WiFi connected ;)
    • connected also to one NotifyBox (play lights and sound)
    • (perhaps count donations and display on the LED displays?)
  • Jörg also created 100+ lasercut MuMaLab logos (red acrylic) with keyrings for donations >= (5 EUR ?)
  • What else?