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Short descrition

an interdisciplinary meeting where we present scientific paper to each other.


  1. rule of Journal Club: Tell everyone about Journal club, its a very rewarding and effective way to aquire knowledge.
  2. rule of Journal Club: PRETTY PLEASE tell everyone about Journal club.
  3. - 8. rules 3 to 8 see 1. rule

Long descrition

The event is for people interested in sciences who have acquired a background exceeding common A-levels in one or more disciplines of either natural sciences or engineering. Whether the knowledge was acquire through university or private study is not important, however a certain level of knowledge is necessary to understand papers in the first place.

The objective of the journal club is a interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge as well as a training in reading, understanding and presenting, scientific papers. The results published in the papers will be discussed and critically questioned. This will enable the participants to expand the scope of their scientific knowledge and to follow the scientific progress first( or at least second) hand.

The format: Every participant reads and presents a paper. The other participants are encouraged to ask questions during the presentation e.g. to close knowledge gaps. Each participant should understand the paper at the end of the presentation. The results of the paper are discussed critically. The topics are natural sciences and technical progress. Solely English will be spoken for duration of the journal club (even if only germans).

Why is English compulsory?

Whether you like it or not, the language of science at the moment is English. Every ground breaking discovery is published in english, every scientific gathering of even little significance is held in english. The few non-english journals are generally great source laughter or ridicule within the scientific community, not for the language as such, but for the poor quality of the presented research.

So if we want to be serious about witnessing science progress, we not only have to read in english, but discuss science in english as well. My experiences tell me that this is best done by strict enforcement of english during the journal club. Its weird at first, but it get better pretty quick.