20200310 Online-Voting Meeting

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  • Every member should have the possibilty to decide on our space
  • There should be fixed deadlines for votes (possibility to snapshot decisions) -> after voting is ended, no votes should be possible (snapshot and deleting the voting = possible)
  • One vote per member (one member = one account = one vote)
  • The plenum can still set temporary decisions that get verified afterwards in an online voting
  • No anonymous voting, votes have a name attached
  • Commenting function - it should not be a back and fourth for discussion - it's more a place to comment your own statement and arguments.
  • Question should be possible to answer with yes-no-abstention
  • Delegation of votes? - No
  • The management board moderates every question before it gets released (based on decision requirements not on topic)
  • Votes should not be visible during the voting time
  • End of voting starts at Sunday afternoon and minimum runtime is 7 days for every voting
  • votes should be changable during voting period
  • Someone needs to manage Votes and collect the results (and present them to the Plenum?)