20170619 Personal Areas Discussion

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Discussion on current situation with rented areas in the space, and their future use. Heiko, Jörg, Peter, Severin.

What's the rent?

  • Initial calcluation 2400€
    • 300€ per segment
  • New calculation: 1600€
    • 200€ per segment

--> 400€ per person for the March til June

Next Steps

  • Plan: make private areas smaller.
    • Only with a concept, to not increase the amount of random trash in the space
    • Idea: give up one segment (24m^2), Heiko/Jörg/Severin share the other segment


Rented storage space

  • Shelves based on pallets (80x120 -> 0.96sqm)
  • Pallet towers, up to 2.4m high?
    • 1-3 "shelves"
  • How much rent?
    • 20€ for 120cm high
    • "Just floorspace" same as full height -> 40€/sqm
    • 15€ for 80cm high
  • Doors are optional, can be built by the renters, with a plan
  • Using Matthias' plans from Sheet Storage proposal 1 as a template
  • Put together a cost estimate for 3 2.4m stacks for the next plenum

More common work tables

pretty self explainatory, huh?