20170610 TextilesKickoff

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Textiles Kickoff


  • Peter: Leather cutting Leather bags (sewing leather)
  • Jenny: Bags out of old Make Munich banners, Kombucha leather cutting / sewing / creative work
  • Raquel: Workshops: bandarolas, bags, aprons, ...
  • Cecile: Sandals! Textile Lab, Workshops, 3D modeling software for patterns.
  • Nina: Sandals! Workshops!
  • Severin: Pillows for euro pallet sofas

Other people who are interested:

  • Thomas E
  • Mati & Nico
  • Anna Blumenkranz


We already have:

  • Sewing machine (old Pfaff 138, no Zierstiche, powerful enough for leather)
  • Cabinet for equipment
  • Schneidplotter

What else to buy

-> Sewing material

What else happend?

  • We got a Pfaff 138 sewing machine from Jennys friend Vroni, who is a professional seamstress! She wants to visit us sometimes...
  • Jenny lasercut Kombucha leather to laminate is with LEDs (Photos wanted!)
  • Cecile demonstrated "Marvelous Designer", a 3D modeling tool to model cloth
  • Cecile, Nina, Raquel, Peter tried to build sandals with the laser cutter

Side discussion: Start electronics workshops for women?

  • Exclusively
  • Not "a stupid workshop", but one where you don't have to face the mansplaining BS
  • Electronics, tinkering, 3d printing?
  • Female teacher