20130501 Meetup

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16:00, 3 people, wayra academy



  • Fixed costs should be covered by membership fees. Discussion needed on how much we want to charge
    • Fees for people younger than 18: same? half? nothing at all?
    • Exceptions if needed.
  • Startup costs: crowdfunding?

More details and continuous development on the wikipage


  • We need to work on the Statues.
  • but first: Vereinszweck?


How much is neccessary?

  • cbase has 700+ m²
  • Afra has 26.4 m²
  • Start small, grow bigger.
    • Depends on flexibility of landlord.

Look for more rooms:

  • Kultfabrik (Kunstpark)?
  • Just keep our eyes open for anything that comes along

Web Infrastructure

  • Currently: MeetUp + Wiki ( + Blog)
    • MeetUp for getting people involved. Costs money. Won't use it forever.
    • Wiki is open for everyone. Everyone can look, everyone can edit. \o/
  • Blog (WordPress) should be used more and more, as meetup gets phased out. But not right now.