20130425 Meetup

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20:00, PreysingGarten, 3 people.

  • Projects/Community <-> Verein <-> Space
    • We should do more projects and build a community, instead of only meeting at random bars and cafés
    • The whole Verein thing should not be forgotten, but can run alongside of things. Writing of statues, finding a name, etc. takes time, but should not block other activities.
    • Severin is working on statues, will post stuff online sometime soon. Until now mostly copy and paste.
  • Financing
    • We discussed several financing ideas.
    • Shortterm membership. Compared to a club cinema project (citation needed)
  • Meeting other groups
    • There's a fieldtrip planned to muCCC at May 14th. Still need to talk to them about it.
    • Let's pay the fablab a visit the week prior. Needs to be put on the meetup page.
    • Other visits that need to be planned: Hej, HUJI, Aquarium
  • Name
    • We should find a name. At least at some point in time.
    • There's a Wiki page for that.
    • We did some brainstoming:
  • Next meeting: Next week Wednesday is a holiday. Let's still do a meetup somehow.