20130417 Meetup

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Meetup, 19:30, Café an der Uni. 7 people.

  • We have an offer for a space
    • Close to the mainstation
    • ~10€/m²
    • Internet connection unsure
    • Looks promising
  • What do we want from the space? Concept?
    • Fixed costs payed for by membership fees
    • Free workshops, talks, ...
    • Weekly day with talks/presentations for people to come by, but still always open for anyone (certain limits?)
    • Interesting concept from Russia: Cafe where people don't pay for coffee, but for the time they spend at the place
    • Chillout area
  • Projects
    • Stuff that matters
    • Projects for society
    • Improve the world, $anything.
    • Just evryones personal projects
  • Stuff we need and we have somewhere in our basements
    • Projector (CRT)
    • Game consoles
    • 3D printer, laser cutter