20130404 Hackerspace Brainstorming

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~ 13 people, 19:00 - 22:00

What do we want to do at the space?

-> Collecting ideas wih PostIts. (I'll upload a picture later)

  • Can be grouped in 5 categories ( + misc.)
  • Work
  • Learn & Teach
  • Workshop (Shared equipment)
  • Art
  • Community
  • What do we miss in the other spaces in Munich? -> FabLab, muCCC, Werkbox, Heji

Build a community

  • Weekly meetings
  • Short introductions of everyone (GDocs?)
  • Vivid about project kickoffs at frog: Who am I? What are my superpowers? What do I expect? What do I want to learn? What do I have to offer?
  • Chicken/Egg? -> Community? Making?


  • Quick and temporary? There are many places that are supposed to be torn down in 1-2 years, and can be used temporarily for very little money. Finding a space like that might be a lot easier than finding something "stable" (people know people). However, we might have to move out on short notice.
  • Build everything movable. (compared to gardening project in Schwabing)
  • Take a time
  • Buy a place?
  • Go bold and start big? Start small, and grow?


  • For free?
  • Membership fees
  • Experience from other spaces: expenses (rent, heating, electricity) should be covered by membership fees.
  • Sponsoring? (Goverment/Companies) -> maybe on a project basis
  • Sell stuff?
  • Workshops?


  • Necessary? Desireable?
  • Only temporarily? (see hackerspace patterns)
  • Facilitators instead of leaders

Next steps

  • More meetups
  • Which day? -> Wednesday seems to work best
  • Weekly "small" meetings, bigger meetings every once in a while (monthly?)
  • Build a core group -> foundation
  • Get to know each oher.
  • Introduction GDoc (see above)
  • Spread the word
  • Find our Unique Selling Proposition (or at least ideas for that)
  • Knowledge collection

Thanks to the Wayra Academy for letting us use their awesome meeting space.