Tool inlay foam

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Tool inlay foam

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description Inlays for the drawers
Author(s)  Demotape (talk) Theo (talk)

Actual situation

All tools are sitting in one drawer and you will never find the right tool.

We need a solution like this:

The Plan

The plan is to make foam inlays for the drawers with our foam cutter.

Step 1 - Take a photo

Sort the tools and take a photo on the "light tabel":-)

Step 2 - Create a path

Create a path around the tools


Step 3 - Path to DXF

We used Incscape to save the path as a DXF.

Step 4 - Create G-Code

We used the tool dxf2gcode

Step 5 - Cut the foam


The result