TTN Munich Platform

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TTN Munich Platform

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description a free LoRaWan Network for Munich
Author(s)  Severin, Joe

We're building a platform to enable development for TTN/LoRaWAN applications.


Right now, we're running NodeRed instances, with some central infrastructure around it. All is containerised into individual Docker containers, and currently run on infrastructure provided by Severin. As we get more users, we'll likely migrate it to separate servers.

Central components


Custom container base on the original docker image, with the LDAP auth plugin.

For the showroom instance, we need to allow anonymous read access, so we had to adapt the LDAP auth plugin a bit: modified code

Open Points

There are still some things to figure out

LDAP Access Control

We would like to work with LDAP groups, but the NodeRed Plugin does not really support that properly. Need to figure out some options here

Also, we don't have access control on Dashboards right now.

Admin Panel

Management using LAM and SelfService is a little difficult. What other options are out there?


We could adapt the UI a bit more


We could provide a standardized option for notifications