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Checkout the current lab status

Current location


As of February 2017, Munich Maker Lab is located in the firefighter's house at Kreativquartier.

Getting there

  • Public Transit: Bus stop/tram stop Leonrodplatz
  • Parking: Please see Space/Parking
  • Bike: Plenty of room for your bikes in the Munich Maker Lab.

The entrance is a big gray gate with windows, the door is located in the gate. When the status is set to open, you can just walk in.
For your first visit, it might make sense to join us at one of the public meetups on Thursday.

Google Maps

Munich Maker Lab e.V.
Dachauer Str. 112h
80636 München


  • Size: ~140m²
  • Access: 24/7 with RFID tag + PIN

Old locations

Location 2

Until February 2017, we had a space on the premises of the SDI München, in the basement:

Google Maps

MunichMakerLab e.V.
SDI München
Baierbrunner Straße 28
81379 München


  • Size: ~75m²
  • shared with Hammer & Schild
  • Access 24/7 with RFID tag + PIN

Location 1

We had a space in the WERK1 München office&coworking space. The WERK1 is situated at the Kultfabrik at the illustrious location between the New York table dance bar and the Titty Twister.

Since it's a bit confusing, here is a video on how to get to the 'WERK1'.


WERK1 München
Grafinger Straße 6
81671 München

Room No. B13


  • Size: ~ 25m²
  • Access: During normal Werk1 working hours by members, or anytime using RFID tokens.
  • Rent:
    • First 4 Months (Feb, Mar, Apr, May): 0€
    • After that: 355€ + tax -> 422€
  • Deposit: ???€