Insect Hotel

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DIY Insect Hotel

Release status: stable [box doku]

Description Instructions to build your own insect hotel
Author(s)  Paul, Severin

Science tells us we're losing lots of insects for various reasons. At the same time, you can find insect or bee hotels for sale all around. They don't look too hard to build, so let's make our own.



Prototype No. 1

In September 2018, we build a first prototype out of some leftover construction wood (80x80x200mm). It's a piece of some head rail, likely fir or spruce wood. It's definitely not ideal (it's soft wood, and we'll be drilling into the side, not the face of it), but we hoped it would be better than nothing still. After sanding, we laid out a grid for 4x8 holes, and assigned different drill sizes to each hole (Alternating lines of 9-7-5-3 and 2-4-6-8 mm holes). The holes were drilled, and then carefully cleaned up and sanded so there's no wooden splinters our little insect friends could be hurt by. Lastly, we added some wire for holding the thing, and that was it. It's still in use two years later.

The two pieces of construction wood we chose
Sanding the pieces, which were pretty rough
Drawing the grid
Measurements for the holes
Drilling holes
Cleaning the individual holes
Sanding the front again
Metal wire and some screws for building a holder
Attaching the wire
The final thing, in 2018
Still in operation in September 2020