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Release status: beta [box doku]

Description Open WiFi for the masses

We have a number of freifunk nodes in and around the space. Here are some details on them.


The power button for the Freifunk Router

The Freifunk node at the space.

  • TP-Link TL-WR841N v9
    • Restarted via a plugin timer once a day
    • Labeled "makemunich-opportunity"
    • Located on top of the wall-mounted network rack
    • Has a dedicated "Emergency" power button, in case people start a mess out front again. Located on the left side of the laser materials storage thing. Push to power off, turn to power back on.
  • Status on the FF Muc map
  • Detailed stats


Attention Attention: Status unknown Attention
Probably disabled right now ...

Freifunk node in the Halle6 building across the street, located in the Laborbüros, but servicing the other side of the building, which has the name "Labor Ateliers" written on it (hence the name of the node)


Severin's installed some Freifunk nodes to bring wifi coverage to some parts of the Kreativlabor.

Shopping List

  • 4x TP-Link CPE210


We need uplink connectivity and power at the nodes. Unsure where we can get that from. Worst case we have to lay cables all the way to the lab (roughly 100m).

  • Network cable
    • Do we need "outdoor" cable?
    • Normal Cat6 cable, shielded: [1] ~37€ / 100m
    • Outdoor cable unshielded: [2] ~50€ / 100m
    • Outdoor cable shielded [3] ~140€ / 100m
    • Ubiquity Touch Cable [4] 130€ / 300m
  • Power Cable


  • Futro S550 as VPN Offloader
    • Only one NIC
    • WAN on "VLAN 1", FF Client Network on VLAN 10
  • 2 CPE210
    • ff-kq-ap01 - - Channel 1
    • ff-kq-ap02 - - Channel 6
    • Managment on VLAN 1
    • WiFi: with VLAN 10
  • Smart Switch (8 Port)
    • ff-kq-sw01 -


  • Flash "x86 generic" image to CF card (using dd or Balena Etcher)
  • Boot Futr from CF card
  • Config mode starts, IP
  • Configure node, disable auto update, set ssh key
  • After reboot, login via SSH (IPv6 address from the FF map, or local IPv4 via nmap/DHCP lease
root@kreativquartier01:~# uci add_list network.client.ifname='eth0.10'
root@kreativquartier01:~# uci commit network
root@kreativquartier01:~# /etc/init.d/network restart



Was a temporary replacement for "kreativquartier01" while it was broken (🙈). VirtualBox VM running on Docker01. Not in operation anymore, only here for historical purposes.

VirtualBox Config

Messed up the name, but it should work nonetheless

VBoxManage createvm --name ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --ostype Linux26_64 --register
VBoxManage modifyvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --memory 2048
VBoxManage modifyvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --bridgeadapter1 enp4s0f0
VBoxManage modifyvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --nic1 bridged
cd VirtualBox\ VMs/ffmux-offloader-kqtmp/
VBoxManage storagectl ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --name "SATA Controller" --add sata --controller IntelAhci
VBoxManage storageattach ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --storagectl "SATA Controller" --port 0 --device 0 --type hdd --medium gluon-ffmuc-v2019.1.2-x86-64.vdi
VBoxManage modifyvm ff-mux-offloader-kqtmp --nicpromisc1 allow-all
VBoxManage modifyvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --vrde on
VBoxManage modifyvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --vrdemulticon on --vrdeport 3390
VBoxManage modifyvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp –autostart-enabled on
VBoxManage startvm ffmux-offloader-kqtmp --type headless

VLAN Config

Most Guides suggest the following:

root@kreativquartier02:~# uci set network.client.ifname='eth0.10' 'local-port' 'bat0'

But that fails. Do the following instead:

root@kreativquartier02:~# uci add_list network.client.ifname='eth0.10'
root@kreativquartier02:~# uci commit network
root@kreativquartier02:~# /etc/init.d/network restart