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The Plenum is a regular meeting of all people involved with the space to talk about things, and decide stuff.

If you have stuff to add, go right ahead! Please sign your points with your name (by adding a "--~~~~" after your text).


  • The Plenum is an institution to decide on what the space should look like, physically and in other ways, such as virtually.
  • Things concerning the space should be discussed at a plenum.
  • Everyone who's there can participate in that process, member or otherwise.
  • Everyone can head a plenum, no need for board members to do that.
  • Topics should ideally be announced on the Plenum wiki page beforehand
  • The Plenum should be held in a language that everyone participating understands.
  • Scheduling: second Thursday of the month at 8pm and last Sunday after the cleanup (which starts at 11am)

Next Plenum: Thursday, December 9th at 8pm

Topics for the Plenum

Disclaimer online plenum

Holding an online plenum is no new process and we will only do this do try it out during the time the space is closed. Doing online plenums in the future needs plenum approval. In case we decide to do online plenums in the future this acts as a proof of concept.

What are you currently working on?

  • Jonas: Working on the weather
  • Roger: Gaming area
  • Bernhard: Gaming area and china CNC
  • Theresa: Self optimization
  • Milian: Router table, Bicicle maintenance
  • Meier: nothing
  • Nico: Renovating flat
  • Jan: building a camera robot

Projects & Groups update

Just a quick update from the groups meeting at our space, or other long-term space projects

Gaming area

looking for used trusses will check details of trusses which could be borrowed indefenetly from schwere-reiter theatre Roger will organize a VR night where people with headset can play over the internet


German, Meier, Jan and Roger will coordinate a date to debug the system after 12/20

2nd floor

Bernhard proposes an initial Loomio if we want to start this project at all. Nico will set up that poll.

Say Thank you

Let's say thank you to those who did some awesome stuff for the space since the last plenum

  • Gaming-Area-Team because it feels like stuff is happening
  • Everyone for respecting the Covid rules
  • Chris for updating/fixing the jitsi server

Stuff from the past

What was discussed at the last Plenum? What's the current status of those things? 20211128 Plenum

  • David will donate an acess point. Will be installed as soon as it is in the space
  • Micro CNC still needs a Eurobox, Bernhard ist still organizing a group buy

Suggestions: potential investments and team projects

Eg.: workshop, workbench, storage, education

  • Rainer showed a pre-designed solution for a multifunktional wood working table which costs 700€+ only for materials
  • Rainer asks if we can have more large storage boxes
Nico,Jan we want less of those
  • Valentin proposes to give a 1st aid training
  • Jan proposed a WLED online workshop

Anything you don't feel comfortable within the space? What would you like to change or to be changed?

Is there anything that's bothering you?

  • clarification about the Covid-Regulations Meier (talk)
there will be an update to the official wording, concerning self tests

Things for Newsletter, Social Media & Website News

Introduce Loomio poll

Give a brief introduction of what you want to be decided on in Loomio before posting it to the Loomio management board

  • 2nd floor poll will be posted

Things to Buy

Rainer wants to buy archive of magazine "Holzwerken" -> loomio