20170202 Plenum

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Start: 21:45

Super busy packing all the stuff on euro pallets and ripping out our infrastructure, so that maybe was the fastest plenum ever: 7 Minutes.

Members present: a few

Moving out:

We made a lot of progress today and packed up a lot of stuff and put it on europalettes. A lot of stuff is ready to move. As of today, a lot of tools in the space *are not usable anymore*:

  • Laser cutter
  • The power distribution we put in
  • 3d-Printers
  • Soldering desk
  • Linux workstations
  • Tables
  • everything

Basically, to only thing left to do is to drink beer. (please do, we need to empty the fridge ;))


  • We will move 3 Ikea boxes in standard-space-size for each member. You have to put your box on the Europaletten in the middle of the space, by Feburary 12th. Everything else should be fetched from the space before then. If you can't make it, ask someone to do it for you.
  • All remaining personal stuff will be given away to members for a donation, or thrown out.
  • Label your boxes!
  • Boxes should be properly closed with a lid so that they are stackable. Add some tape if you can.
  • If it's not labeled or not properly closed, it won't be moved.


  • Everyone who helped moving
  • Tasso for the Euro palettes
  • Thomas for taking out our own power distribution
  • Severin for usually taking care of the plenums

New Space:

  • Still no keys
  • Emergency Exit discussion ongoing
  • Increasing preasure every week


  • Full drinks will be moved
  • Empty stuff will be taken back by our supplier


  • We'll rent a truck

End: 21:52