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MuMaLab goes Sha2017

Quick facts

  • Location: Scoutinglandgoed in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam.
  • When: 4 - 8 August 2017
  • More Infos on the official website: [1]

Join our Flowdock channel #sha2017 if you have questions and to keep updated on the organization.

Who will go

Here is a list of members who will go:

MuMaLab Village

(we might join the "königlich bayrisches Amstvillage")

Name Date of arrival Date of departure Notes
Matthias Evening of August 3nd Early on August 8th +3kids & car
Cecile August 4th, midday undecided by train
Nico Evening of August 2nd Early on August 9th
Severin ?? ?? + Fire truck
Peter ?? ?? + Lisa, Raphael and Van
Andreas ?? ?? +1
Adrian ?? ?? And I need to get there somehow…
Paul ?? ?? Same

Other Village

  • ...

Not sure...

Maybe I'll join, haven't decided yet

  • ...

Whats needed

Fill in what you think we need or what you'll bring that others can benefit from

  • Tent
  • Tables
  • Stools
  • Switch
  • Power-Extensions (Nicolai)
  • Power-Distribution (Nicolai)
  • Blinkenlights!
  • Fridge or something to cool drinks/food?


Fill in projects that you will bring and let others know if they can participate

Local 42V DC power grid

Feel free to join or just prepare your gadgets for 42V +/- 15% and be a consumer. More infos here: