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Due to some happy circumstances we have a f**kton of roombas (Roomba 650) sitting in the space.

They were used in an art installation, are missing a few crucial parts and the internal wiring has been changed a bit.

Missing parts:

  • Cleaning head module (Roomba PN 21917)
  • Side brush module (Roomba PN 83001)
  • Filter for the Aerovac bin (cheap 3rd party stuff)

Changed wiring:

The two bumb sensors and the IR sensors have been modded to send their output to an attached Arduino. If you want to change that you have to tear down more or less the whole robot. See here:

Just follow the three cables going to the external Arduino and you'll find the cables that need fixing.


  • The contacts of the Aerovac bin are taped off. You'll need to remove that.
  • Some felt gliders are screwed into the bottom that need to go
  • The Aerovac has a cutout on top, and holes in the bottom. Duct tape or Plaast helps.
  • The speaker is disconnected (bottom left on the mainboard)
  • Debugging mode: