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Release status: Beta [box doku]

Description Talking WiFi rabbit with wiggly ears
Author(s)  Severin (Tiefpunkt)
We have a small WiFi Rabbit in the space. It's a Nabaztag:tag by Violet, and belongs to Severin.


The rabbit communicates with a cloud plattform. Since the original cloud service was shutdown when Violet closed shop, we are using the alternative Severin has a user under which the Nabaztag is registered.

It's connected to the Freifunk WiFi, since there were problems connecting it to the space's own wifi.


You can host your own:


Documentation on the rabbit is a bit rare. The OpenJabNab plattform supports the original API offered by Violet, but there's hardly any information on it. We found the original API document via the Internet Archive: File:Nabaztag api.pdf

Other info on the rabbit and the API:

Space Integration

The rabbit can be controlled via IRC/Flowdock. It does text-to-speech, using the command !say <text>