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Together with the Make-Munich we have a great opportunity to earn some money for the MunichMakerLab.

Bruno and me are currently planning the selling beverages at the Make-Munich. They agreed that we are getting a good cut of the earnings donated to the lab which would be great to pay for stuff we all use in common like the glue gun last week :-)

But to do that we need your help! Currently we are planning to have a team of around 20 people each with 4h shift. Shifts are split in 2h segments and spread around saturday, sunday during the event and saturday evening during the party.

It would be great to staff if completely with members of the munich maker lab to avoid paying for additional help.

Details on the faire

  • The event is 16-17th of january 2015
  • At Zenith
  • estimated visitors 7000 (~3500 each day)


!!! Please check the times when you can be available:

!!! Please also register as Helper as Bar Staff to be on the list and get a shirt Just state, that you are from MuMaLab on the second page.

Planned number of staff:

  • for the shifts at serving hours we need about 7 person (small bar: 2, big bar: 4 and 1 runner)
  • the after party at saturday night is planned for 250 people. We decided to plan 1hour shifts, with 2 person. So you can do a shift *and* enjoy the party ;)
  • to preparing and clean up we planned 4-5 person, there are a lot of bottles to move ;)


Please add yourself to the list or write an email to

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Lessons Learned

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