Bulk order of LED strips 20160125

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FINISHED ON: 25th January 2016

current LED bulk order (Shop: RayWu)

Please add your order below or write/mail me (Jorgen) ==> JorgenVikingGod@gmail.com

This shop is actually the best price/service vendor in China.

Here is the shop overview

>> as bigger the quantity of the order as better will be the price
if we have a good filled list - I will contact RayWu to get better prices as well
Please add your name as new topic
<amount of items (meters/items/sets/...)> <link to the shop item>


1x 1000 pcs WS2812B
1x 100 pcs WS2812B
1x LED-Strip WS2812b IP68 74/m
1x PSU 5V 300W
1x PSU 5V 120W
1x PSU 5V 100W
1x PSU 12V 100W


2x PSU 5V 35W
1x PSU 5V 60W
1x LED-Strip WS2812b IP68 74/m
1x PSU 5V 120W


1x PS optical fiber bundle 2.5 meter


1x LED-Strip WS2812b IP68 30/m 5m
1x LED-Strip WS2812b IP68 74/m 5m
1x LED-Strip WS2812b 60/m 4m
1x PSU 5V 50W
1x PSU 5V 25W
1x PSU 5V 60W
1x PSU 5V 60W IP67


2x PSU 12V 60W
2x PSU 12V 24W
2x PSU 5V 35W
2x PSU 5V 10W