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Release status: stable [box doku]

Description Building an Airrohr and participating in
Author(s)  Severin, Matthias

The OK Lab Stuttgart has developed a kit to measure air pollution, especially particulate. It is easy to build, provides the necessary firmware and gathers the data on a geographical map for everyone to follow.

More information on

We built one for the lab and put it in front of our building. A second one is mounted inside above the 3D printing shelves.



  • SDS011 to measure the particulate
  • DHT22 for the temperature


It needs more or less:

  • a NodeMCU (ESP8266) so that their firmware is running out of the box (support automatic update of the firmware).
  • some pipes from the Baumarkt and
  • a USB / Power-Plug

Instructions to assemble can be found here:

Code for the Firmware can be found here:


Outside Sensor

Inside Sensor


You can also get the latest measurements of the sensors from our IRC/Flowdock bot with the command !feinstaub