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| title=Old Page
| msg=We do not have this device on-site anymore.
|name        = X400 GRR
|name        = X400 GRR
|status      = broken
|status      = obsolete
|image      =  
|image      =  
|description = X400
|description = X400

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Attention Attention: Old Page Attention
We do not have this device on-site anymore.

X400 GRR

Status: unknown [box doku]

Description X400
Owner  ThomasE
Financing  3000-4000€

X400 - DIY Printer from German Rep Rap


  • Adopted by Andreas
  • Printing Volume 400x400x350mm
  • Nozzle 0.5mm for 3mm Filament on a DD1 Extruder.
  • Aluminium Profile Frame
  • Aluminum Carriers
  • Ceramic printbed
    • Covered with a buildtak foil
    • 220v heat bed underneath
  • Printable via USB / SD Card
    • Raspberry with Octoprint is already connected but out of the date


If you havent used the printer your about to, ask ThomasE on Slack beforehand

  • Slice your .stl in Simplify3D
  • Profile is ready for PLA and Premium PLA on the Simplify 3d Slicer Software on the Laser PC
  • Upload your GCode onto the Octoprint Webinterface, available by the IP mentioned on the Network entry
  • For any Questions, contact ThomasE on Slack
  • Costs: see 3D Printing


  • Update Octoprint
  • Side covers
  • Light