Ultimaker Unlimited Z

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Ultimaker Unlimited Z

Status: working [box doku]

Description 3D printer
Owner  MuMaLab
Financing  picked up for free

Basic Information

Stand 29.08.2022: Usable
Printing via usb / sd card tested
Octoprint on the Pi has not been tested yet.
Print Quality is because of the age and modification not greatbut about what one would expected
Decent results in Vase mode

Nozzle: 1mm
Filament: 2,85mm
Printer Type: Ultimaker Original, without heated bed
Slicer: Ultimaker Cura, stock ultimaker orininal profile
Basic changes needed: Line Width -> 1mm
Further Tuning needed

Filament Loading

Please follow the official guide from Ultimaker. Clipped filament tip will help when inserting the filament.