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Paul's grandfather wanted to get rid of his old model train, so it's in the space now :)

general info

  • 12V DC
  • analog
  • H0 track width
  • 1 locomotive

position detection

It would be cool if the train knew where it is, so it won't fall at the track end ;) The train in the space is already equipped with an esp8266 (wemos d1 mini)


The train at the space has a coil on the bottom connected to a rc522 rfid reader.

  • Reading tracks while driving worked pretty good at home, but didn't on the track in the space.
  • If it worked, it would be a cheap and easy way for mapping the train position.
  • One problem is probably the poor wiring on the train.
  • Also the NFC tags are currently placed under the track, which results in a kind of big distance between coil and tag. Tags that fit inside the track might be a solution.
  • Another solution would be putting the tags next to the train instead of under it.


It would be easy and cheap to put magnets in the track and detect them with a hall-effect-sensor. With 2 sensors next to each other 2bit 'signals' could be transmitted.

Parts in the space

  • track-coil with 1m height (on the vending machine)
  • some wagons

Parts at Paul's home

  • 120m flexible and non flexible track
  • 25 railway switches
  • 1 locomotive


  • extend the track from the coil to the wall
  • connect 12V DC to the tracks
  • put magnets on the end of tracks
  • put hall-sensors on a locomotive, to sense track ends