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We have a concept for more personal storage in the space. This additional storage boxes cost some rent; currently it's 40 EUR per box, renting only one half of a box is possible. Here you'll find some information on our current design. Build a box yourself will give you some free storage time. If you are interested in renting or building a box, just talk to the vorstand.

Boxes in Place

  • Box 1:
    • Top Shelf: Severin
    • Bottom Shelf: Tobi
  • Box 2:
    • Top Shelf: David&Theo
    • Bottom Shelf: ThomasE
  • Box 3:
    • Top Shelf: David&Theo
    • Bottom Shelf: ThomasE
  • Box 4:
    • Nico
  • Box 5:
    • Top Shelf left: Jan
    • Top Shelf right: German
    • Bottom Shelf: Severin
  • Box 6:
    • Top Shelf: Jörg
    • Bottom Shelf: Andreas
  • Box 7:
    • Top Shelf: MuMaLab Flohmarkt
    • Bottom Shelf: MuMaLab Flohmarkt
  • Box 8 (Horizontal):
    • Paul
    • Left top: MuMaLab Vorstand
    • Left bottom: MuMaLab Supplies
  • Box 9 (Horizontal):
    • Left: P373R
    • Right: German


We went through a few iterations to find a decent one. Here it is



  • 4x 38mm*58mm * 2m wood slats
  • 5x 2050mm*675mm * 15mm OSB sheets
  • 2x 2050mm*675mm * 12mm OSB sheets
  • 4x metal angles
  • 8x metal hinge
  • 2x door lock thingie
  • Wood screws
  • Wood glue


  • Material for the middle shelf and the top of the box.


  • 3 15mm OSB sheets each into
    • 1x 1200mm
    • 1x 785mm
  • 1 15mm OSB sheet into
    • 2x 785mm
  • 1 15mm OSB sheet into
    • 1x 785mm
  • 2 12mm OSB sheets each into
  • 2x 990mm * 525mm (maybe a little less)


  • Glue OSB sheets to wood slats for stability, add some screws
  • Hinges are screwed into the wood slats, and into the door. Doorside needs some smaller pieces of slat behind the OSB for stability (just the sections where the hinges are screwed in, not over the entire height).