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= Slicing for our 3D Printers =
For slicing your 3D objects we recommend using Simplify3D to good best results with our [[3D Printing|3D Printers]].
We have bought a license of Simplify3D for the lab and installed it on the host so everyone in the space can use it. It also got all the latest printing profiles needed for our printers.
== Using the Host ==
It is a shared user account on the host, only one can access it at a time. If you got thrown out, someone else connected (there is no notification). For power users we can create additional accounts. Please request an account in the 3D printing flowdock channel.
# Connect with the "remote desktop" software to / simplify.intern.munichmakerlab.de and login with makerman/makerman
# (In case the user before you didn't close Simplify and shut down probably, you might get another login screen from the screen saver, just use the same password. Simplify might be open then.)
# On the desktop you find the Icon for Simplify3D, just launch it.
# Import your STL files as usually:
## First make sure there is no other object loaded, otherwise remove it first
## Press Import to load your object. In the file window dialog, go to /home/makerman/Desktop. There you should see two links to the hawking fileserver and to the users folder on the laser-pc. There is no shared folder on the Simplify host directly (as we already have better file servers for that).
# Process your object
## On the lower left you see the profiles for our printers (currently 3, for the NEO, X350, X400). Please do '''NOT''' modify them.
## Just click "Prepare to Print" to generate the GCode file.
## You will get a dialog to choose the profile now. Make sure to choose only one (and not multiple).
# Save/Upload the GCode
## Check the generated GCode (e.g. support structures)
## Click "Save Toolpaths to Disk" on the lower left.
## Again, choose the right folder where you want to save the file (either laser-pc or hawking)
## (we also will have folder to the octoprints, once they are setup probably)
# Clean your workspace
## Close Simplify
## Shutdown your instance - there is a tiny little button in the upper right of the screen. Click it and choose shutdown. Don't worry, it will not shut down the whole server, just your instance.
That's it.
== Common problems ==
* I'm kicked out of my remote session.<br />See above, only one at a time. Ask in the space or flowdock if someone else wants to use the host.
* Simplify doesn't show my object, only a green window.<br />Simplify uses OpenGL which sometimes doesn't work on Linux or remote desktops. Try to close Simplify and start it again.
* I don't see the whole window.<br />Try to reduce the window size in the configuration of your remote desktop software. You have to close and shutdown your remote session and start it again to have the settings in place.
== Installation ==
This is for reference only, in case we have to reset the host:
* Host is running on our Proxmox box as a LXC, currently with 2GB RAM and 20GB HDD.
* Minimal Ubuntu 16.10 with additional packages, mainly the Mate desktop and xrdp
* New User makerman/makerman
* /etc/fstab with "hard" mounts to the laser-pc and hawking:
//  /mnt/laser-pc cifs    username=makerman,password=makerman,sec=ntlm,uid=1000,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0
//  /mnt/hawking cifs    guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0

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