Sidewinder X2

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Attention Attention: This printer is not entirely ready for public use yet. Attention
The printer is currently getting set up. We will update this page when the printer can be used by the public. Thank you for your patience :)
Sidewinder X2

Status: beta [box doku]

Sidewinder x2.jpg
Description Artillery Sidewinder X2
Owner  MuMaLab
Financing  Bought from official Vendor (€412)

In addition to the two Prusa Minis which are our main 3d Printers at the lab we now have a Sidewinder X2 for larger print jobs.

  • Please bring your own filament and only use plain PLA. Additives like wood or carbon wear out the nozzles extremely quickly.
  • The printer is now open to very experieced user and standard PLA Filament. Please ask on #3d_printing slack channel before usage.
  • If you want to help calibrate the printer or help with the wiki site, please contact @yichen zhang on slack to get the newest update on the printer.
  • We are now working hard on the documentation and a properly tuned slicer profile.


  • Build volume 300 x 300 x 400 mm
  • Nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • UBL mesh bed leveling enabled
  • Printable via USB Stick and micro SD card
  • Material: plain 1.75mm PLA

Quickstart guide

If you haven't used the printer, register for the monthly 3D printing intro course or ask in the 3d_printing channel on Slack beforehand.
INFO: As of 29.09.2022, this printer hasn't been included in 3D printing intro course

  • The Spool holder is currently detached because of space reasons, we are working on a solution for it.
    • For now please carefully move the printer to the big tables to test print with it. Install the spool holder and attatch the filament runout sensor before starting printing.
    • We are now working on the issue. Please see the to do list for further details.
  • Please visually inspect the printer for visible damage before usage.
    • If damage is been found please contact @yichen zhang on slack. Thank you.
  • Please slice your 3D Object in PrusaSlicer
    • We are working on a tuned Slicer profile for the machine, but for the time being the default X1 profile with some modification will do the job.
  • Please use the official Artillery Sidewinder X1 presets for the Sidewinder X2
    • Add "Artillery" in the "Other Vendors" tab
    • Add the "Artillery Sidewinder X1" on the "Artillery FFF" tab
    • Select "Artillery Sidewinder X1 BL-TOUCH" as your printer
    • Edit the start Gcode under printer setting in advanced mode and add M420 S1 Z2 after G28 command to enable mesh bed leveling
  • Get the USB stick that's in the printer accessoire bag, export to the USB via the button on the bottom right in PrusaSlicer, and insert it into the printer
    • We will get a dedicated USB stick for it soon, but until next plenum this will do the job
  • Warning: Using IPA on the glass bed will cause really strong bed adheasion. Please wait for the bed to cooldown before remove your print.
    • For now, don't clean the surface or use wet paper towl to clean the surface for big flat print.
  • Verify that you're about to start the right print via the filename
  • Please at least wait for the first layer to be printed and verify its quality.
  • Please check the print regularly during printing. Please don't leave the Lab while printing. Thank you.

Machine operation

Insert filament

[comming soon]

Unload filament

[comming soon]

Start a print job

[comming soon]

Unified bed leveling

[comming soon]

Finished calibration

  • Marlin Firmware on Ruby board has beed updated to
  • TFT Firmware has been updated with Unified Icon
  • Belt tightness checked
  • Manual bed leveling done
  • Unified bed Mesh leveling done (EEPROM slot 1)
  • PID Autotune done for 215 nozzle / 60 bed
  • Probe offset set

To do list

  • Figure out how to install filament holder for printer operation in printing room
    • Current proposed solution 1: Reverse Bowden setup
    • Current proposed solution 2: Hole through backside of middle plate under the prusa minis and filament guide
    • Current proposed solution 3: Side mount filament rack (potential problem with high prints?)
    • If anybody have some ideas please either edit in Suggestions and Feedback section or send a message on #3d_printing slack channel, would be much appreciated.
  • Flow rate calibration
  • Tolerance test
  • Torture test
  • Speed test
  • Some impressiv demo prints

Maintenance update

Next planned maintanance of the machine:

  • 1.11.2022


  • Magnetic PEI bed (Or other removable print bed)
  • Raspberry Pi (Octoprint upgrade)
  • All metal hotend
  • Better cooling fan
  • Better Nozzle
  • Reinforcement bar for ringing reduction
  • USB Extender for longevity of USB Port

Test Prints

Prusaslicer stock setting benchy

Technical Details

Boring stuff for the documentation

Machine Construction

Sidewinder X2 electronics compartment
Sidewinder 2 Ruby mainboard
Sidewinder X2 TFT main board


Delivery Packaging


  • Switch to 0.6mm Nozzle

[Description comming soon]

Suggestions and Feedback

Do you have any suggestions or feedback in regard to the printer, its maintainance and its current status?
Please write your comments below!

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