Sidewinder X2

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Attention Attention: This printer is not ready for public use yet. Attention
The printer is currently getting set up. We will update this page when the printer can be used by the public. Thank you for your patience :)
Sidewinder X2

Status: beta [box doku]

Sidewinder x2.jpg
Description Artillery Sidewinder X2
Owner  MuMaLab
Financing  Bought from official Vendor (€470)

In addition to the two Prusa Minis which are our main 3d Printers at the lab we now have a Sidewinder X2 for larger print jobs.

  • Please bring your own filament and only use plain PLA. Additives like wood or carbon wear out the nozzles extremely quickly.


  • Build volume 300 x 300 x 400 mm
  • Printable via USB Stick
  • Material: plain PLA


If you haven't used the printer, register for the monthly 3D printing intro course or ask in the 3d_printing channel on Slack beforehand.

  • Slice your .stl in PrusaSlicer
  • Use the official presets for the Artillery Sidewinder X2 (same as for the X1)
    • Add "Artillery" in the "Other Vendors" tab
    • Add the "Artillery Sidewinder X1" on the "Artillery FFF" tab that should have appeared
    • Select "Artillery Sidewinder X1 BL-TOUCH" as your printer
  • Get the USB stick that's in the printer, export to the USB via the button on the bottom right in PrusaSlicer, and put it back into the printer
  • Verify that you're about to start the right print via the filename

Finished Calibration

  • Marlin Firmware on Ruby board has beed updated to
  • TFT Firmware has been updated with Unified Icon

link Firmware

  • Belt tightness checked
  • Manual bed leveling done
  • Unified bed Mesh leveling done (EEPROM slot 1)
  • PID Autotune done for 215 nozzle / 60 bed
  • Probe offset set