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Status: working [box doku]

Description Original Prusa MINI
Owner  MuMaLab
Financing  Bought from official Vendor (380€)

The right Original Prusa MINI.


  • Build volume 18 x 18 x 18 cm | 7 x 7 x 7 in
  • Nozzle 0.6mm for 1.75mm Filament. (0.4mm noozle in the curver box top of the 3D-printer rack)
  • Removable magnetic spring steel sheet with PEI surface
  • Printable via USB Stick
  • Material:
    • PLA
    • PETG
    • ASA
    • ABS
    • Flex


If you havent used the printer your about to, ask in the 3d_printing channel on Slack beforehand

  • Slice your .stl in PrusaSlicer
  • Use the official presets for the Original Prusa MINI. Make sure to adjust the nozzle diameter (see above) And the Filament of choice
  • Insert the USB stick that's in the printer, export to the USB via the special Button on the bottom
  • Verify that you're about to start the right print - the display shows an image preview of your model
  • For any Questions, contact AdrianMenzel or Christian Bendl on Slack
  • You can monitor your print via PrusaControl
  • Costs: see 3D Printing