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ProxMox VE 6.0x Box


  • 2 x intel xeon 5520
  • 68 GB Ram
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Few TB of storage (different raid levels depending on application)

Capable of running several Docker//LXC Containers and VMs (Windows, Linux, .. ) Rancher(2) & K3s would be an option if members adopt deploying their raspberries within the space by cluster mechanics.


Use will be more or less open, please talk to chris about getting an instance. Projects should/must be Lab related, no illegal stuff, private projects should be at least documented in the wiki.

Depending on sound level of the machine, the project will be available around christmas 2019.

Hostname IP/Machine name Description ProxMox Host

Port 8006 WebUI

- iRMC Fujitsu Server Hardware Maintenance WebUI Docker Host running:

Ask adrianM or chris about running docker containers Windows 10 Pro VM running:
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 - Non commercial license
  • MACH 3 - MuMaLab license
  • PrusaSlicer
  • ( Laser-PC )


  • GB Backbone for the lab - DONE, new space has GB
  • CPU Upgrade - still searching
  • Find more Ram - acquired some on ebay
  • Test noise level - noise is fine
  • Test box cooling - fine or now, needs testing in summer..