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Money spent so far (not really complete)


Status: sort of working!

  • Hopper is falling apart, needs some glue
  • Funnel from shredder into the collection box needs improvement
  • Axis of the shredder might be a bit crooked
  • More information on motors and how to start them: Drehstromasynchronmotoren, Starten von Motoren
  • Electronics: Got a softstarter, missing a direction switch. But that's for later.



  • Oven finished
  • Need to build "Compression unit"
    • To be combined with the extrusion machine



  • Base: done
  • Hopper: done.
  • Missing the thread on the pipe, then it can be put together.

Other stuff:

  • Some premade molds [1]



  • Got the screw and pretty much most other parts
  • Hopper already built
  • Missing the motor