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W6 454 D

Status: working [box doku]

Description Overlock machine
Owner  MuMaLab

We have a W6 454 D overlock machine, it's in the brown textile cupboard in a big box. The overlock sews, cuts and cleans up the seam in one go.


How to insert the thread

  • put 4 spools of thread on the machine. The machine will sew with all four threads at once.
  • find the 4 thread ends on top of the machine, in the metal bar with the four holes
  • knot the thread from each spool to the corresponding thread from the machine
  • sew SLOWLY (without fabric) until the knots reach the two top needles
  • cut off the threads, pull out the knot part and re-thread the needles with the new thread
  • the bottom needles have holes big enough that the knots will just slip through

How to insert the thread if there's no thread in the machine

How to remove the item from the machine

  • when your seam is sewed, continue sewing SLOWLY without fabric
  • the machine will produce a length of sewed thread
  • when it's about 12cm long, cut it off using the little knife at the back of the machine
  • this will leave about 2cm extra thread on your item, and 10cm on the machine
  • to secure the thread on your item, cut it off closely, then secure the thread ends with nail polish (see textile cupboard) or superglue