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|name        = GRR Neo
|name        = GRR Neo
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* Don't use with ABS
* Don't use with ABS

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Attention Attention: Old Page Attention
We do not have this device on-site anymore.

Status: gone [box doku]

Description 3D printer
Owner  ThomasE
Financing  ThomasE (used one ~300 EUR)

This Printer has been stolen! We hope we get him back, but for now this info is obsolete.


  • Printing Volume 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Nozzle 0.5mm for 1,75mm
  • Steel Sheetmetal case
  • Aluminum sheet metal Carriers
  • 4mm fine milled aluminum plate
    • Glass plate with blue painters tape on top clamped down with binder clips
  • Printable via USB/ Octoprint (builtin Raspberry)
    • Octoprint connected and updated 16.06.2017


If you haven't used the printer, ask Jörg, ThomasE or AdrianMenzel on Slack beforehand


  • Don't use with ABS