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Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description Bus to connect different devices in the lab and in the outside world
Author(s)  tiefpunkt

The MuMaBus is a framework to connect different devices in the lab to each other and with outside services. This is currently done using MQTT.

Bus details

  • MQTT Broker:
    • Note: Old nodes in the bus still use Both brokers are bridged, so messages sent to one broker will be received by devices connected to the other as well. But new devices should always use
  • Port: 1883 (unencrypted), 8883 (SSL, using a CACert certificate)
  • Anonymous read access to mumalab/#
  • For write access, contact Matthias or Severin


Topic Description Possible values Devices Status
mumalab/DMX/1/controller MAC and IP of DMX controller, comma separated Unknown
mumalab/DMX/1/set interface to set DMX channels Accepts list of DMX id:state, comma separated. State is int between 0-255 (0 is off), or 1000 (toggle between on and off) Unknown
mumalab/DMX/1/state list of current state of DMX ids with state, comma separeted e.g.: "0:0,1:0,2:255,3:0,4:0,5:0,6:0,7:0,8:0,9:0,10:0,11:0" Unknown
mumalab/mccafe/1/buttonpress Button presses on the fastfood remotes e.g. "B2" Fastfood Remotes Unknown
mumalab/mpd/command Control the MPD via MQTT play, pause, next, previous, toggle, volume up, volume down SpaceMusic Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/status Status of the lab 0 for closed, 1 for open, ? for unknown StartYourEngines Likely working
mumalab/room/door/status Status of the door of the main room 0 for closed, 1 for open, ? for unknown Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/sensors/# Sensors across the space plain numeric values SensorNode Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/fridge/# Lights and Sensors of the drinks fridge tbd Fridge Unknown
mumalab/room/lights/# Light control system tbd LightsOut Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/lights/hanging_lights/state Hanging lights above the worktables 0, 1 LightsOut Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/lights/whiteboard/state Light tube around the whiteboard 0, 1 LightsOut Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/lights/chandelier/state Chandelier incl. RGB LED 0, 1 LightsOut Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/lights/ceiling/command RGB ceiling lights off, red, green, blue, white Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/display VFD Display in the space Text Cash Register Display Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/ledpanel/# LED Panel from Jorgen LEDPanel Working
mumalab/audio/x32/ Behringer x32 mixing desk (Mischpult) Behringer x32 Dead/Currently not connected
mumalab/room/rcsockets RF power socket control "a,11111,00101,0" Unknown
mumalab/room/balls/# The Ballrun on the wall of the space send whatever you want. It's the gesture that counts Ballrun Dead/Currently not connected
shellies/wh-floodlight1/relay/0/command FloodLight Outdoor MuMa (misc) - Working
shellies/wh-floodlight2/relay/0/command FloodLight Outdoor Ex-MuMa (misc) - Working
mumalab/room/lichterkette WLED lichterkette entrance WLED MQTT interface - Working

DMX Devices

Channel Device Details
1-12 DMX Switchpack Not used yet
18-19 Strobe 18 Speed

19 Intensity

20-38 Ceiling LEDs 20 Intensity

21 Red

22 Green

23 Blue

24 White

25 Preset

26 Not in Use

27 Speed

28 Control

30 Intensity

31 Red

32 Green

33 Blue

34 White

35 Preset

36 Not in Use

37 Speed

38 Control

48-53 Laser (no one likes it) 48: Pattern

49: Laser 1

50: Laser 2

51: Laser 3

RF power sockets

Switched via MQTT connected basestation. Send the following to mumalab/room/rcsockets:


with the options

Currently placed sockets

Identifier Description Switched on/off with the space status
a,11111,00001 Nebenraum door status no
a,11111,00010 BobbyCar and light tube above common room yes
a,11111,00011 Wall of Monitors (only screens, no orange pis). Also switches LED strip behind the screens yes
d,a,1 Alarm light no
d,a,2 Electronics corner yes

Devices & Projects using the MuMaBus