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Loomio is our online voting system, we use to make decision, so all members have the possibility to vote on topics regarding the future of our space even if they cant participate at our plenums.

For open polls and the results of closed polls, check: Loomio Polls

To access all currently open polls use https://www.loomio.org/g/4oeJfzyD/polls?status=active

Requirements for a Loomio poll

  • The decision must not violate our statutes, Code Of Conduct or Rules.
  • The decision should be possible to decide on with Agree - Abstain - Disagree
  • The draft should be in english with an optional german translation
    • If you need help to translate your draft to english, let us know beforehand, so we can find someone to help you with this

How to submit a draft

  1. Write a draft for your decision or question (refer to Requirements)
  2. Send it to the Loomio management board for review loomio@munichmakerlab.de
  3. Present your topic at a plenum for discussion and feedback. For urgent or trivial polls not needing a presentation, talk to the Loomio management board beforehand.
  4. (Optionally) Rework your draft
  5. The polls are opened for voting on Sunday around 8PM and all new polls will be announced in the newsletter, slack and the wiki on the same evening
  6. The minimal runtime is 7 days, but can be longer depending on the scope of the topic, e.g., larger purchases, major decisions regarding the general structure and operation of the Munich Maker Lab e.V.
  7. The polls are closed at Sunday 8PM after the designated runtime and results are published via newsletter, slack and the wiki on the same evening

Loomio management board

  • Initially it consists of the board of members,
  • Review of the submitted question (this happens solely on our decided requirements for questions and not on the topic of the question)
  • The Loomio management board must not try to influence or supress votings


Loomio satisfies the following requirements we decided upon:

  • One vote per member
  • The vote is not anonymous
  • The delegation of votes is not possible
  • Results are hidden until the vote is closed
  • Votes should be changeable during voting period
  • Commenting function