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Release status: stable [box doku]

Description a free LoRaWan Network for Munich
Author(s)  Severin, Heiko, Joe

LoRaWAN is an RF standard for IoT devices to connect to the internet.

The Things Network Munich

We are a official The Things Network Community. There's a regular meetup in the third Week (one Evening) each month, 19:00, at the MuMaLab (online via Jitsi since Covid19).

We are gathering money for community operated gateways, infrastructure and our brand new Application Platform: Patreon Page


See Gateway for more information

Client devices

See Nodes for more information


Smarter Together

Water Checks

Check the water quality of some lakes people go swimming in around Munich

TTN Mapping

ttnmapper.org allows to create a coverage map of the TTN LoRaWAN network. You can take a LoRaWAN node, either with integrated GPS, or pair it with a smartphone, and gather coverage data.

A node with GPS is nice, because it's more independent. An ideal candidate is the TTGO T-Beam dev board, which combines an ESP32, GPS module and a LoRa module, as well as a battery and potentially an OLED display as well.

Note that there are different versions of the T-Beam board, requiring different Pin settings.

Other Information

Example Sensor projects

Alternative systems

  • Talk about an also LoRa based alternative to LoRaWAN, which should be able to work coexistingly with LoRaWAN: LoraLight