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Munich Maker Lab is an open workshop that aims to be inclusive and welcomes everyone that wants to build, hack, learn new things or just meet new people. Our core principles are based on trust and openness. While we try to keep any limiting measures such as rules at a minimum, it is not possible to live without them in order to set a baseline that helps to avoid conflicts between members and the relatively strict German law. Questions and comments can be directed to vorstand [at] munichmakerlab [dot] de.

For both, members and guests, it is obligatory to follow the rules stated on the law and order page.

Law & order changes

These rules and policies are subject to change. The latest version can be found in the wiki, located at or as printed version at the space.

Be excellent to each other

Be excellent to other users of the space and our neighbors. Ask before doing annoying things that are loud, smelly or dusty. Being excellent goes beyond being respectful: Collaborate, be honest, always leave the space better than you found it. Ask questions, help others. Harmful behavior, harassment, stalking, theft, hazing, and otherwise being the opposite of excellent is unacceptable - also see our Code of Conduct.

Keep the space clean and tidy

Workbenches should be completely clean when you leave - be considerate for the next user. Please put tools back where you found them. Clean up after making a mess: If you have engaged in any waste generating activity (e.g. peeling wires, welding, grinding etc), hoover the spot. It is not the purpose of the regular cleanup to clean other member's mess.

Use adequate personal storage for your stuff

Be mindful of the space you occupy. The Munich Maker Lab is a shared space and others want to work on their projects too. Do not occupy public space as storage space without plenum approval. Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must be kept in one of the plastic boxes, labeled with a unique name so you can be identified. Two boxes per member. In an emergency, at least label your stuff with name and date. Anything occupying public space without a label or stored longer than one week is considered free-to-use.

Know your tools

Please use only machines you know how to use and operate. Some devices have special rules or require special safety measures for use. Safety sheets for specific equipment are located near the machines. If you don't know how to use a specific machine, ask an experienced member prior to use or experiment with it.

Please see

Use safety equipment and follow best-practice

It is mandatory to use safety equipment. Do not leave machines running unattended. Do not attempt to stop running equipment with any part of your body. Be aware of all equipment around you, especially moving parts. Check that all pieces and tooling are properly secured before operating equipment.

No smoking

It is not allowed to smoke in the space. The same holds true for any use of electronic cigarettes.

Stay Safe

Don't perform experiments, e.g. with electricity or other dangerous goods, that can harm people including yourself, environments or cause (fire) hazards. This includes any kind of body modifications. Also, keep other users of the space in mind.

Respect others property

Ask before borrowing stuff. Free to use does NOT mean free to take or free to hack. Do not tamper with or manipulate others property (e.g. putting stickers on devices). Do not open tools and equipment that you don't own or have the permission to do so. If you happen to break anything, inform the owner (if possible) and let the board of directors ( know.

Use the designated workspace

The meeting area is for meetings, gatherings, software hacking and other non-messy (e.g. oil, dust, etc) work only. The wood and metal workshop is for wood and metal work, as well as painting. The electronics corner is for soldering and other "hardware" related work as well as dry, non-messy work (e.g. textile processing) only. The kitchen is for food & drink preparation only (absolutely no experiments). The gaming corner is for social gathering, playing (VR) games, watching movies and software hacking.

Use the space for the good

Only use the space for the activities described in the statues. If you want to use the space for anything else (e.g. your birthday party), approval by the plenum, or the board in short term situations, is needed. German law applies within the maker space - that also means you can't work on firearms or anything else that is against the German law or ethically questionable. You'll ruin the fun for everyone else as well.

Don't steal

Don't take any tools or equipment off the premise without asking in Slack or the Plenum (if owned by Munich Maker Lab) or approval by the person who owns the equipment. Also, pay your drinks or any machines that require payment - remember that someone had to pay for it and it is, therefore, not paying is theft.

The space is not a hotel

You're tired or missed your last train? Grab a pillow and get comfortable. But we're not your apartment or a hotel, using the lab as accommodation is not allowed.

Don't tamper, remove or relocate safety equipment

Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits are for emergency use only. Do not use them for experiments, relocate them or tamper them in any way.


Version 1 as voted valid by the Plenum held on March 31, 2019.