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Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description A Laser to cut stuff

After we get a bigger space we should think about getting a laser cutter. Buying one would be the easiest way, but building one ourselves would be much cooler.

There are a few open source projects going, the biggest one is 'lasersaur'[2]. Their BOM sums up to a round 5000€, but a lot of stuff can be replaced by cheaper or used parts (like the frame).

What kind of Laser?

There are some differences between gas based (CO2) lasers and Fibre or YAG Lasers.

  • CO2: Good for everything except metal
  • YAG: Good for metal but not much else
  • Diode Laser: Limited power

We want an CO2 based system as more materials can be cut/engraved with them. (see [1])


  • Big build area (over 1m length would be cool)
  • Red light mode for dry run (could need a second laser source )
  • 50-100W CO2
  • Switchable second/third laser source for additional YAG based laser to cut metal


A few members already stated interest in using one, build one and even finance one! You are great! =)

But when we have this thing running, we need to think how we can get the costs back in. A 100W laser tube costs around 1200€ and has a lifetime of 6000-8000h. Comes down to 1€ for 5 minutes for the tube alone....