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Release status: beta [box doku]

Description A device for Newsletter subscription.
Author(s)  German, jonas

For the Make Munich and for further Workshops we build a tablet for Newsletter subscription. On the tablet is a Chrome Browser with a Kiosk Plugin installed. After 1 Minute of inactivity the Screensaver with MuMaLab Pictures will be started.
The display brightness from 2am is set to 5%,
8am -> 90%,
8pm -> 60%.

HowTo use it

How to use the Kiosk Tablet

Turn ON

1. Remove micro-USB Cable
2. Use a pen to turn on the tablet (Power On Switch is on the right upper side, short press)
3. Put in micro-USB Cable charging
4. The user "lab" will be logged in automaticly
5. A DOS Box open and try to ping
If ping fails the box color will be changed to RED:
a. Please connect the Tablet now to a wifi network
b. Open the keyboard, click in the BOX and press a Key
When ping is OK
6. Explorer will be killedn & Google Chrome will open the newsletter website

Manage the Kiosk Plugin (not needed normaly)

Click in a Field and press Strg+A Username: mumalab and Password mumalab

Turn OFF

1. Long Press the Power Switch OR standby with a short press

Restart the Kiosk

1. Login with Teamviewer or use a USB-Keyboard and OTG-Cable
2. press CTRL+ALT+DEL
3. Start TaskManager
4. Run a new Process: explorer
5. Double Click on load.bat script on Desktop.

List of known bugs

UNPLUG IT before powering on. To power it on, push the button on the right side with a tool and hold it for 3-4 seconds. Sometimes on the first load, the plugin is crashing, please start it again.
The Tablet will reboot every night at 2pm. 99 % of the problems can be solved with a reboot, Jonas said. If any unsolvable problem occurs, contact German or Jonas in Slack. They have Teamviewer Access to the Tablet.
For the Make Munich take a micro-USB OTG Cable and a usb-Keyboard with you.

Feature requests

  • Tabed Browsing
    • Slack Self register Page
    • Membership Form
    • Wiki