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Team MuMaLab every now and then participates at hackathons.




Date Name Participants Visitors Result Media
19.02.2016 Puls Hackdays Elias, Jan - - Aftermovie
18.03.2016 7hack Elias, Karim, Jan, JanS - Sportsradar API Price Aftermovie
22.4.2016 Burda Hackday Ep. 4 Simon, Raquel, Jan JanS, Karim Best Hardware Hack Aftermovie
23.6.2016 Automatica Makeathon Team 1: Simon, Karim, Elias, Jan, Raquel
Team 2: Moritz
Peter, MartinL, JanS 1st place for Moritz Aftermovie
6.5.2016 Come hoam and make it smart Simon, Karim, Jan, Raquel, PaulY - 1st place Aftermovie
9.9.2016 Techfest Munich Team 1: Marco, Jan, Kenny, Elias, Raquel
Team 2: Jenny
JanS, MartinL 2nd place Team 1 @ MAN track
1st place for Team 2 @ AstraZeneca track
28.10.2016 Celonis Happy Hackathon Team 1: Elias, Philipp, Kenny,
Team 2: Karim, Jan, DaveLost
Ivan 2nd place for Team 2 but no price -
hack-a-TUM Kenny - - -
2.12.2016 Love Hackathon Elias, Philipp, Jan Rene, Ivan 1st place @ couple track -
17.2.2017 Nokia Open Ecosystem Hackathon Team 1: Elias, Marc, Rene, Jan, Simon
Team 2: Kenny, Ivan
- - Aftermovie
3.3.2017 Puls Hackdays 2017 Team 1: Kenny, Luisa, Jan
Team 2: Rene, Kenny, Jan, Luisa
- - Aftermovie
24.3.2017 Love Hackathon #2 Team 1 (leds): Jan, Ricardo, Kenny, Simon
Team 2 (lafs.io): Kenny, Jan, Philip, Ricardo
Team 3 (chatbot): Jan, Elias,
Ivan, Rene, Liviu, 2nd place for Team 2 Pitches
31.3.2017 AEC Hackathon @ TUM Team 1 (MixedReality): Jan, Ricardo, Elias, Marc, Rene, Kenny Best virtual reality project
28.4.2017 Zeiss Hackathon Jan, Rene, Elias Ivan - Aftermovie
28.4.2017 Magazino Robo Battle Kenny - 3rd place
12.5.2017 7Hack Rene, Ricardo, Jan, Gabriel, Elias, Kenny, Liviu, Ivan Marvin, Kristin, Mark, Simon 3rd place
9.6.2017 Futurelab Hackathon Rene, Jan, Ricardo, Elias,
23.6.2017 Global AI Hackathon Kenny, Ivan 1st Place (only team for microsoft smart working space challenge)
23.6.2017 EOS 3D Printing Blockchain
24.6.2017 NanoHacks by Burda
24.6.2017 Booking.com Hackathon Rene, Jan,
8.7.2017 Summerhack
7.9.2017 Techfest Munich Team 1 (shipme): Kenny, Ricardo, Elias, ??
Team 2: ??
Team 3: ??
Rene, Jan,
7.10.2017 Burda Hackday Ep. 5 Jan, Rene, Ricardo, AdrianM, Topic: Fitness & Health - just the right topic for us. We might want to find a way to make gyms more appealing to people like us.
17.11.2017 hackaTUM Jan, Rene, Ricardo, AdrianM, Kenny, Let's make it shiny

Prize pooling

If we are more attendees than the maximum allowed team size is, we do prize pooling. This means: if we win something, the items and prizes will be sold and the money is either split between the attendees or spent for new hackathon gear like transport cases/banners/etc. If someone wants to keep an item, he/she buys it from the group.


For internal use: do we need anything we don't have for our hackathons?

  • transport cases for stuff
  • working WiFi Router with bridging mode for the emergency hackathon kit
  • more LED stuff

Packing List

For internal use: don't forget to pack the following stuff and mark it as gone on Stuff on a mission (ideally reserve it beforehand as well)

  • Roll-Up banner + logo flag
  • Electronics box
  • blinking stuff
  • beercrate
  • beds + sleeping bags
  • 3D Printer + Filament + Powerbrick
  • speakers and amplifiers