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Team MuMaLab every now and then participates at hackathons.




Date Name Participants Visitors Result Media
19. - 21.02.2016 Puls Hackdays Elias, Jan - - Aftermovie
18. - 20.03.2016 7hack Elias, Karim, Jan, JanS - Sportsradar API Price Aftermovie
Burda Hackday Simon, Raquel, Jan JanS, Karim Best Hardware Hack Aftermovie
Automatica Makeathon Team 1: Simon, Karim, Elias, Jan, Raquel
Team 2: Moritz
Peter, MartinL, JanS 1st place for Moritz Aftermovie
Come hoam and make it smart Simon, Karim, Jan, Raquel, PaulY - 1st place Aftermovie
Techfest Munich Team 1: Marco, Jan, Kenny, Elias, Raquel
Team 2: Jenny
JanS, MartinL 2nd place Team 1 @ MAN track
1st place for Team 2 @ AstraZeneca track
Celonis Happy Hackathon Team 1: Elias, Philipp, Kenny,
Team 2: Karim, Jan, DaveLost
Ivan 2nd place for Team 2 but no price -
hack-a-TUM Kenny - - -
Love Hackathon Elias, Philipp, Jan Rene, Ivan 1st place @ couple track -
Nokia Open Ecosystem Hackathon Team 1: Elias, Marc, Rene, Jan, Simon
Team 2: Kenny, Ivan
- - Aftermovie
3.3.2017 Puls Hackdays 2017 Team 1: Kenny, Luisa, Jan
Team 2: Rene, Kenny, Jan, Luisa
- - Aftermovie
24.3.2017 Love Hackathon #2 Team 1 (leds): Jan, Ricardo, Kenny, Simon
Team 2 (lafs.io): Kenny, Jan, Philip, Ricardo
Team 3 (chatbot): Jan, Elias,
Ivan, Rene, Liviu, 2nd place for Team 2 Pitches
31.3.2017 AEC Hackathon @ TUM Team 1: Jan, Ricardo, Elias, Marc, Rene, Kenny Best virtual reality project
28.4.2017 Zeiss Hackathon Jan, Rene, Elias Ivan - Aftermovie
28.4.2017 Magazino Robo Battle Kenny - 3rd place
12.5.2017 7Hack Rene, Ricardo, Jan, Gabriel, Elias, Kenny, Liviu, Ivan Marvin, Kristin, Mark, Simon 3rd place
9.6.2017 Futurelab Hackathon Journalism in smart homes.
24.6.2017 NanoHacks by Burda Note: only one day
24.6.2017 Global AI Hackathon It's about AI, Machine Learning and Bots. Sounds awesome.
24.6.2017 Booking.com Hackathon Note: They want you to upload a CV so we're probably not going there. Too bad, we had a great idea already
7.9.2017 Techfest Munich Last Techfest was very good.
16.9.2017 Burda Hackday Ep. 5 Topic: Fitness & Health - just the right topic for us. We might want to find a way to make gyms more appealing to people like us.

Prize pooling

If we are more attendees than the maximum allowed team size is, we do prize pooling. This means: if we win something, the items and prizes will be sold and the money is either split between the attendees or spent for new hackathon gear like transport cases/banners/etc. If someone wants to keep an item, he/she buys it from the group.


For internal use: do we need anything we don't have for our hackathons?

  • transport cases for stuff
  • working WiFi Router with bridging mode for the emergency hackathon kit
  • more LED stuff

Packing List

For internal use: don't forget to pack the following stuff and mark it as gone on Stuff on a mission (ideally reserve it beforehand as well)

  • Roll-Up banner + logo flag
  • Electronics box
  • blinking stuff
  • beercrate
  • beds + sleeping bags
  • 3D Printer + Filament + Powerbrick
  • speakers and amplifiers